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John M. Cassidy Jr.

John M. Cassidy Jr.

He is a senior digital marketing professional with experience in website development, SEO, analytics, UX and content management. In addition, he is a published author and writer, a seasoned team and project leader and a small business consultant.


What Is Web Analytics and How To Get Started” – March 2012

Previous Website Experience

  • AOL.com
  • Dodge.com
  • Chrysler.com
  • Mapquest.com
  • FiatUSA.com
  • Ramtrucks.com
  • AOLAutos.com
  • Patch.com
  • Citysearch.com
  • Shopping.com
  • Homebuilder.com
  • Citysbest.com
  • AOLSmallBusiness.com
  • AOLFinance.com
  • Dailyfiance.com
  • Gadling.com
  • Luxist.com
  • AOLTravel.com
  • Games.com
  • Juno/Netzero

Previous Industry Experience

  • Automotive
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunications
  • CPG
  • Small Business
  • Retail

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